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What is a shallow well jet pump?

Your shallow well jet pump is the pump that moves water from your water source (“shallow well”, cistern or holding tank).  Each pump has a certain size for suction and discharge piping.  In this post we will look at the problem of cavitation and how to avoid it.

Suction pipe size and cavitation

For the most commonly found pumps in Roatan, it’s usually 1 1/4″ x 1″ or 1″x1″.  This means that the piping from the water source should be that size from the water source all the way to the pump (suction side).


Some cisterns or designed systems will have a much smaller outlet – it can be as small as 1/2″.  If you have 1/2″ pipe all the way from the water source, and then stepped up to 1 1/4″ just before the pump, this causes cavitation.

What is cavitation? And how to prevent it.

Cavitation happens when the pump is starved of water.  This means there is not enough water going to the pump, though it requires a certain amount to work effectively.  This mixes air with the water, which causes damage to the inside of the pump, causing the pump parts to wear out much faster than they should.  You would also likely notice air coming out when using water (especially larger volumes).

Get it set up right from the beginning or corrected after the fact. You will avoid these problems and get the most of your well-tuned system.  Liquid Systems is here to save you money – we want your equipment to last as long as possible!

Contact us to consult on your system and get advice on your pump!

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