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Bearings, Pullers and Presses


Rotating equipment typically has bearings in its construction.  Changing the bearings when they are worn, can prevent more catastrophic failures such as burned motors, which keeps your repair/maintenance cost lower.

At Liquid Systems we carry a selection of common bearings of various sizes at competitive prices. We can also order custom bearings or unusual sizes.  For the commonly used ball bearings, we try as much as possible to get double shielded (metal), for longer durability in heavy use conditions.

double shielded ball bearing

6203ZZ Double Shielded Ball Bearing.

There is definitely a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to install or remove bearings.

The difference between us and other places is that Liquid Systems has the RIGHT TOOLS.  With our years’ experience operating these tools, we can remove and replace bearings without damaging your equipment, or your new bearing.



For example: a new bearing should absolutely NOT be beaten onto the shaft.  If you don’t have a bearing press, there isn’t really another great way to do that.



We have a 10-ton straight jaw puller, and a hammer slide puller to help us with the removals.

straight jaw puller

10-ton straight jaw puller in action


hammer slide puller w/ variety of attachments



Our 20-ton air/hydraulic bearing press (with various accessories) takes care of pressing on/off.

20 ton bearing press

20-ton air/hydraulic bearing press – we press the bearings on your motor the right way!

 Bring us your rotating equipment for a FREE ESTIMATE.  Let us check your electric motor’s bearings and get an update on its condition for FREE.  Contact us with any questions, any time!

What does that thing do? (sandblasting roatan)

Since we got our Sandblasting Roatan capabilities upgraded with this machine, we’ve been asked a number of questions…

blast cabinet

What is a blast cabinet/blasting cabinet/bead blaster?

It is a closed-loop abrasive cleaning system.  In the cabinet there’s a loading area for the item to be blasted.  At the bottom of the cabinet, you have the abrasive material used for cleaning (in this case, a medium-grit glass bead composite).  Off to the side is a vacuum that sucks out the debris.

The operator puts his arms in the holes, and has a gun with a nozzle connected to two hoses, one for compressed air, and the other is a siphon hose going down to the material.  The pedal connected to the compressed air hose activates the gun.  Tw0 powerful lights and the vacuum allow the operator to see what’s going on inside.  Blast, and remove!

Liquid Systems’ blast cabinet can take objects from small bolts up to the size of a small car door.  It may well be THE ONLY ONE ON ROATAN!

We also have outdoor sand blasting capabilities, with silica sand.

What does a bead blaster do?

Short answer: removes rust/corrosion.

Longer answer…Still removing rust.  The advantage of using a blast cabinet reduces the need, and thus the wear and tear on the other tools that would be required to achieve a similar result.  A combination of 4 or 5 other specialty tools need to be used to achieve the same result.  And often, the result just isn’t as good, because no other tool can get to the places that the beads are blasted to!

Here is the back side of an impeller before it goes in:


Here is the front side of the impeller after it came out:

IMG_2200 1

Don’t hesitate to CONTACT US if you have any items that need to be de-rusted!

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