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Community Well Pump: Colonia Balfate, Sandy Bay

Community Well Pumps

Over a year ago, we were contacted by a charity who administrated and supplied equipment for one of the lower-income communities in Sandy Bay, Colonia Policarpo-Galindo.  Their community well pump problem had been solved, but at a great unnecessary cost to the charity.  They were told to replace the pump at great cost to themselves – it turned out the problem had been wrongly diagnosed and it should have been a small part and labor cost.  Liquid Systems advised them on how to address future problems, and we make ourselves available for consultation or help.

Colonia Balfate

A friend and customer of Liquid Systems who had just finished construction of Just Float, in Sandy Bay alerted us to a potential problem in the other Colonia in Sandy Bay.  Some of their workers had been without water for 3 days, and they were in the process of trying to pull out the well pump.

After speaking with a representative from their water association, the pump, cable, and controllers were taken to Liquid Systems to diagnose the problem.  Between the cable, pump and control box, they were looking at a value of around $7,500 for all their equipment.

Liquid Systems diagnosed the problem, obtained the part and returned the pump, cable and control box in working condition.  Every part was inspected and tested to make sure the problem would not recur.  The system was returned to Colonia Balfate within 2 days, and their water service restored.  All for 0.04% of the cost of new.

well pump in truck well pump in truck and cable







Liquid Systems is here to save you and your community money. Contact us any time for your savings.

How Liquid Systems Helped You: Saved by a Snap Ring

Sometimes it might not be obvious HOW Liquid Systems can actually help you or your business save money.  So here I will recount some of the Liquid Systems success stories:

Saved By A Snap Ring: community deep well pump

A customer brought a deep well pump to Liquid Systems.  This particular well pump was one of a few supplying a particular community in Roatan.

The owner of the pump had previously brought it to another place for repair.  This other place told them that parts were not available and nothing could be done for this pump, but maybe to bring it to Liquid Systems “as a last resort”.  Now just to be clear, the other place was not a dedicated pump repair center, but they would have taken on the repair regardless.  Liquid Systems provides free estimates, guaranteed repairs, and ever increasing inventory suited to meet your needs – including factory parts and generic parts.

At Liquid Systems we determined:

  • The electric motor was working AOK, the problem must have therefore been in the pump end.
  • Upon opening up the pump, we found each impeller and diffuser to be completely encrusted in “Roatan Red Clay”, which caused significant drag – the pump would not perform correctly with this extra material on its main “water moving parts”
  • The impellers were not turning correctly together inside the pump housing; the problem was a missing part – a “snap-ring” or retaining ring.  This is a generic part that Liquid Systems keeps in stock in a variety of sizes (metric and standard)

snap ring box snap rings

With the pump and motor combination retailing at several thousand $$, they got their deep well pump cleaned up, repaired and tested all for an unusually low 4% of the cost of new!  This included a FREE estimate – the customer decided to go ahead with the repair.

With our knowledge and our preparation – this community saved money…Maybe yours can too!

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