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What do we do at Liquid Systems?

Services in Roatan

As in many other places, Roatan and the Bay Islands more specifically, there are many people offering handy-man and different types of repair services.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • General plumbing
  • General electrical
  • Appliance repair
  • Tool repair
  • Appliance installation
  • A/C servicing and repair
  • Refrigeration servicing and repair
  • Small engine repair (gasoline and diesel)
  • Interior carpentry or drywall
  • Painting (interior and exterior)
  • Car and motorcycle repair
  • High-Voltage Electrical
  • Solar Panels

These services are abundant, variable in quality and legality.  Some are legal businesses specialising in one or more of these areas offering good service, others are perhaps less qualified individuals trying to make a living.

This can be a problem when it comes to accountability.  The work may not be done correctly.  Compliant invoices may not be available for your business expenses.  There may not offer any kind of guarantee.  You may be charged for work, and be left without a solution.

At Liquid Systems, these are all things we avoid to provide the best possible customer service.

What do we do at Liquid Systems?

At Liquid Systems, we stay specialized in our area of expertise.  We will not take on work that we do not have the absolute expertise or tools to carry out.  Our preference is to provide a reference for another business or individual who is able to carry out that specialized work.

Liquid Systems is a legal business with the correct paperwork to be able to work for your business.  We offer a 90 guarantee on repairs (where applicable), and are transparent and accountable throughout the installation and repair process, with photos, videos and availability over the phone, email and WhatsApp (very useful to send videos in the middle of repairs).

Liquid Systems repairs, services and installs:

  • Pumps – all sizes and types
  • Electric motors – single phase and three phase all sizes, including rewind
  • Hydraulic equipment: pumps, rams, controls and systems
  • Coupling alignment
  • Steel fabrication – welding and oxygen/acetylene cutting
  • Compressors – shop and ship compressors and their motors (dive compressors are referred elsewhere)
  • Marine PTOs and Controls (hydraulic and pneumatic)

The applications include:

  • Marine
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Municipal
  • Industrial

j class jet pump fabricationshop compressorship compressormotor windingsgoulds jet pumpcouplingpump tanks installation

hydraulic pump

Pump running all the time? Maybe your pressure tank…

Pump running all the time

Is your pump running all the time?  Does it come on whenever any water at all is used?  Is your pump running driving up your RECO bill?  The problem may not be your pump, but your pressure tank.

Your pressure tank is an integral part of your system – it allows the pump to cycle on and off at appropriate intervals, providing pressure to your home or business.  When your pressure tank and pump are working together properly:

  • The pump should build pressure against water usage, and shut off
  • No noticeable drops in pressure during water usage
  • Good pressure at all points (low and high)
  • The pump should not run when water is not being used
  • The pump should not run continuously when water is being used


pump and pressure tank system


Pressure Tank Problems

Even if your pump is working 100%, it cannot give you the best efficiency without a properly working pressure tank.


Most common problems:

  • Broken air “bladder”
  • Incorrect air pressure (low or high) compared to the pump cut on/off pressure
  • Under-sized tank for building height or heavy water usage

broken bladder

well mate pressure tank













WellMate WM series tanks, for sale in various locations in Roatan and the mainland, have replaceable bladders available for all sizes above 20 gallons.



rooftop installation

Liquid Systems will soon be re-stocking common sizes of replacement bladders – 40 – 60 gallons.  Contact us for custom orders, bladder replacement, advice regarding your current system or a new installation.  Liquid Systems is here to save you money right now, and in the long term.  Better for your business or home!


Liquid Systems New Location: Sandy Bay, Main Road

Liquid Systems New Location

NEW LOCATION: This is definitely the biggest change at Liquid Systems since we first started on Roatan.

We have moved our operation from our old location into our new location.  It’s still a work in progress, but we are now operating from there full-time.

You can find us in Sandy Bay, on the main road, 1 lot West of Las Gemelas/MiniSuper GoldenStar (between Coral Stone and the big school).  Our new industrial-style building is being set up to best meet your needs – from your house water pumps to large industrial or marine skids.  We have parts in stock, we are ready to work and better serve our customers – and potential customers!

New Location – Sandy Bay Main Road

new shop side new shop front
















Building Progression

Here are some photos of the building progression as the structure went up.  Building by Allied Steel Buildings, from Ft Lauderdale, FL:

truck beam endwall columns endwall columns & roof beamsbuilding insidedoor framingbuilding side roof with vents framed door sign frontbuilding street viewbuilding side


Liquid Systems and Community Projects

At Liquid Systems we are committed to serving our community and beyond as best we can.  Although we work for all size businesses and individual customers, we also assist as much as we can with community projects.

In Roatan these projects include: community well-water systems, charity projects and other often underfunded public services.

We have consulted with them in the past, and in the future we will be helping with a community well system serving Colonia Policarpo-Galindo in Sandy Bay (after they were forced to waste money on poor service with another business).  This well supplies water to thousands of homes, and will need maintenance and further improvements in future.

In the past, we have consulted with and carried out repairs for various community well projects in West End, Gibson Bight, Sandy Bay and Coxen Hole, Calabash Bight, Punta Blanca and various others – keeping costs as low as possible for the customer.  We offer free advice, low-cost repairs and new equipment suggestions where necessary.

Our most recent community project came together with the help of Keith Miller of Blue Wave Radio, Joe Peterkin and the Roatan Rotary Club, and the Cuerpo de Bomberos de Roatan (local fire dept.)  They had available some very important and useful hydraulic tools: Jaws of Life, spreaders and rams.  Liquid Systems was told that the equipment had not been functioning for some time.

We were able to get things back in service within less than 2 weeks – essential equipment for cutting someone out of a car wreck (and there is only one such set up covering the whole island of Roatan).

Once again, thanks to Blue Wave Radio, the Rotary Club of Roatan and the Cuerpo de Bomberos de Roatan, we are here to make Roatan a better and safer place!

jaws of life IMG_3261 jaws of life live test

Liquid Systems Testimonials

Now that the website has been up and running for a little while – we got started on our Liquid Systems Testimonials project.  A few of our previous and repeat customers have written a little something about their experience with Liquid Systems.

Check out what some of our customers have to say right HERE!

If you’ve had positive experiences with our services – could you write us a little testimonial?  It helps us immensely in the growth of our business.  The more our business grows, the better placed we are to serve you!




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