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Are you having problems with your shallow-well pump, deep well pump, cistern or pressure tank, pool pump or pressure washer?  Is your water pressure fluctuating for no reason?  Is your pump running too often and driving up your RECO bill, or does it not sound like it should?  Our Residential Pump Repair and Systems service will be able to help you with whatever problem you have.  Contact us to get your water supply back up and running, with minimal down time.

goulds jet pump pool pump

Common Pump Issues

Here are a few examples of common pump issues – Liquid Systems’ residential pump repair service has the solution for you.

  • Residential Pump Repair: We repair all-brand pumps of any type you might find in your home.  Shallow-well jet pumps, deep well, pool, irrigation system, pressure washer…And More!  We carry parts for pumps commonly found in Roatan.
  • Replacement Pumps: Need to get your water back up and running as soon as possible?  Take advantage of one of
    old goulds jet pump

    Old Goulds Shallow-well Jet pump ready for FREE ESTIMATE.

    our brand-new equivalent replacement pumps.  For the cost of repairing your broken pump and installing a replacement, Liquid Systems will install a new equivalent pump in its place – giving you a quick solution and peace of mind.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

  • Parts: We carry factory parts for pumps commonly found in Roatan, and we deal in all-brand pumps.  Liquid Systems also carries an inventory of generic parts – pressure switches, pressure gauges, bearings, gaskets, o-rings, mechanical seals and more!
  • Pump Restoration: Do you have an old pump sitting in your bodega?  Bring it to Liquid Systems for a Free Estimate.  It won’t cost you a cent to find out the repair price!  We restore old pumps to new condition.  Every part of the pump is cleaned, de-rusted and primed & painted – suitable for bodega storage.  Put your old pump back in service or store as a back-up unit you can rely on.
  • Motor Rewind Available: Burned electric motor?  We will rewind your motor at a fraction of the cost of a new motor or pump.  Liquid Systems can guarantee that rewound motors will perform like-new or better!
  • PURA UV Water Filtration Systems: Liquid Systems can install your water filtration system for your home.  All PVC work is done using high quality parts and guaranteed drip-free!


Common Systems Issues

Here are some system problems that our Residential Pump Repair and Systems Service will be able to solve for you.

  • Bad Pressure Tank: With our 25+ years’ experience in the industry, we can quickly and efficiently diagnose a brokenwell mate pressure tanks

    pressure tank (or other system problem!) and replace your tank or repair it with a new bladder.  We also address the root cause of the pressure tank problem.  Liquid Systems can guarantee you will not have the same problem again!  We carry replacement bladders for WellMate brand pressure tanks.

  • Valves: A broken or missing valve can cause the whole system to perform incorrectly.  We can find and replace broken or missing valves, incorrect placement of valves or incorrect valve type use.  This sometimes solves an apparent pump problem!  Liquid Systems carries quality PVC parts.
  • Pressure Tank Air Charge Adjustment: Are you having water pressure problems or is your pump running too often?  Your pressure tank air charge may need adjustment.  Liquid Systems will send someone out to look at your system. We adjust the air charge to give YOUR system optimum performance!

Our Residential Pump Repair and Systems Service is ready to help you get your water back online.  Contact Us now to find out more!

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