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Liquid Systems’ marine repair services is here to service your boats!  From cargo vessels to fishing fleets and any steel-hull boat.  Liquid Systems was born servicing the marine industry in South Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico.  In our 20+ years experience, previous clients include major companies such as Tidewater, Seacor, Oceaneering, Edison Chouest and dozens more.

Marine Industry

As an owner, operations manager, or port engineer for your fleet/vessel you are familiar with common and less common break downs of specific equipment.  Let your qualified engineers and diesel mechanics keep the engines running – Liquid Systems is here for your specialized rotating equipment.  Here are some of the ways in which Liquid Systems’ marine repair services can HELP YOU.  Take the guess work out and call us today!

  • 24 hr On-Call Service
  • On-board Rebuilds (where possible)
  • Guaranteed Repairs
  • Free Equipment Inventory List
  • 20+ years experience – no guesswork




Liquid Systems Marine Repair Services

Our 25+ years experience in the marine industry will get you back up and running as soon as possible.  We are equipped to remove, repair and reinstall or rebuild on board.  Here are some of our specialized marine repair services on offer.

  • Key Stock: we stock a range of quality key stock for any shaft and key slot sizes – metric and standard.
  • Couplings: coupling alignment is a Liquid Systems specialty.  Vibration will ruin bearings and shafts, cause mechanical seals to leak, or damage other components.  Our motto on coupling alignment = quiet is right!
  • Ship’s Air Compressors: Burned Motor? Pop off valve on the head or intercooler popping off?  We have the solutions for you!  If you have a swing unit, put it in and send your broken compressor to Liquid Systems.  We will rebuild your Quincy, Ingersoll-Rand or other brand compressor to like-new condition, good for use or warehouse storage.  Tested and guaranteed!
  • Pumps: bilge, ballast, fuel, fire, hydraulic steering, A/C, circulating, sewage, ship’s fresh water, gear pumps…Bring your pump in for a free estimate today!  Liquid Systems has experience with your extended system and piping manifold.  All flanged pumps rebuilt and guaranteed leave our shop with flange gaskets and the key stock you need!
  • Electric Motors
  • Pulleys and Belts
  • Air Controls
  • Hydraulic Rams
  • Bladder tank repair
  • FREE Equipment Inventory List
  • And more!

FREE Equipment Inventory List

New Customers – call us and we’ll come out and in about an hour, take a complete inventory list of the equipment on your vessel.  It will contain details on ALL your rotating equipment:

  • type/brand
  • shaft
  • belt and sheave sizes
  • HP/phase
  • rpm
  • coupling type/size
  • equipment condition

The assessment of the condition of your equipment will help you determine when intervention is needed.

You will receive a copy for your office, and Liquid Systems will keep a copy on file.  When your captain or engineer reports a problem with your equipment, your office and Liquid Systems will know exactly what it is.  This will save valuable time, and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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Liquid Systems strives to be an honest, accountable company, and the Number One marine repair service in the Bay Islands and Honduras.  We care about saving you money, and we don’t want to see you waste time and money on lacklustre services.  

For you, our valued customer, we always strive to go the extra mile above and beyond what’s needed – we are at your service!  

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