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At Liquid Systems we have literally repaired hundreds of electric motors.  Without electric motors, much of your rotating equipment will not work.  Most electric motors can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of a new replacement.  With Liquid Systems bearing changes and restoration, the rewound motor is LIKE NEW. We have the tools and the knowledge to make it happen – and the experience to tell you when it is not possible or cost-effective.  Drop off your motor at Liquid Systems for a free estimate today!


pool pump motor

Ready to leave Liquid Systems. Medium pool pump electric motor



motor restoration

Partially restored electric motor before rewind. Large pool pump.



bearing inventory


We carry a full range of common bearings for electric motors.  Putting new bearings in a rewound motor = new electric motor!  Changing worn bearings as part of routine maintenance can extend the life of your electric motor, giving it many more years of use = cost effective!





bearing press

Liquid Systems has the right tools to pull off bearings without damaging the shaft or other equipment.  This includes our pneumatic-hydraulic 20 ton bearing press.


Burned Motors

Electric motors with burned windings can be rewound, at only a fraction of the cost of new.  We can guarantee that rewinding your motor brings it back to new condition!  Liquid Systems can recondition your motors to brand-new by cleaning and de-rusting, replacing bearings and rewinding the electric motor.  As it is a process that takes time, motor rewinds can usually be completed in 3-5 business days.

Liquid Systems guarantees its rewinds, other places in Roatan may be capable of rewinding, or claim to be able to do so in less time (also typically the bearings would not be changed, or the motor cleaned)

All electric motors are thoroughly tested before they are returned to you with your pump or other rotating equipment.


Burned Motors: Before and After

burned motor

Burned electric motor. The dark area is the short in the windings










rewound motor windings

Rewound motor before restoration and cleaning. The bright colour of the new copper is visible here. This should not be coated in paint


Electric Motor Rotation and Key Stock

rotation sticker

To help you avoid damage to your equipment (in the case of 3 phase motors), repaired electric motors are returned to you with a rotation sticker – to indicate the correct direction for rotation.

key stock and shimming material

Key Stock for keyed shafts. We carry all sizes, SAE and Metric.


shaft bearing motor restoration

New bearing, restored bearing carrier, electric contact board. This bearing has one shield open, the motor is designed to be greased as part of maintenance. Large pool pump.















Burned Motors: How NOT to rewind an electric motor

bad motor rewind

This is an incorrectly rewound burned motor. The copper windings should not be coated in paint. The bearings should have been replaced and the motor should have been cleaned.












Coupling Alignment

Motors often direct-drive your pump or other rotating equipment – improperly aligned couplings cause costly equipment failures!  At Liquid Systems we will repair your equipment AND ensure couplings are precision-aligned to prevent future problems, saving you any further repair expenses.  We can repair your existing skid or fabricate one brand new, with custom motor/pump installations.  Our 25+ years’ experience in the demanding Marine & Oil Field Industry gives us the edge to make your equipment perform 100%.  Liquid Systems has the solutions for servicing and repairing your electric motors in Roatan.


coupling fire pump

Clark Fire pump and engine coupling


vacuum pump coupling

Installed, perfectly aligned, and ready to go – vacuum pump


Contact us to find out more – free estimates and cost-effective electric motor repairs!

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