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Community Projects: SOL Foundation

Roatan Charities

As our business grows, we at Liquid Systems want to participate in helping our community as much as we can.  There are many different charities and good causes in Roatan, almost too many to list.  These cover all types of things from clinics and medical, disability and rehabilitation, education-related charities, Rotary Club, veterinary, HIV/AIDS transmission, mission-based projects, youth, sports and many more.


Sol Foundation Roatan

Liquid Systems is proud to be a supporter of SOL Charity’s “Happy Tummies Active Minds” projects.  Based in Sandy Bay, this is a youth charity with many different areas.  This particular program focuses on providing meals for local school children (who might otherwise be going to school hungry) and teaching young people cooking skills and the importance of healthy, balanced diets.

Workers, in our experience, who are properly fed are much happier and more productive than those who are not.  The younger these habits are started, the better – which is where SOL Foundation comes in – any of whom could become an addition to our future expanded workforce.

More information can be found here:


SOL International Foundation

They are also part of the Amazon Smile program, where a % of your purchase can be donated to the charity of your choice.


Liquid Systems

At Liquid Systems we are always improving our kitchen facilities, with access to cold water at all times and safe storage for food.  We are working on expanding our home compost project to work, and reducing our garbage output by encouraging more sustainable food/eating practices, and expanding storage areas for employee plates, containers and cutlery.

We also cultivate our own okra, yucca, sugar cane, tomatoes, the beginnings of banana, plantain and papaya…working on more!  All organically fertilised with compost-enriched soil.  Check out our back yard!

liquid systems back yard


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