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Some information about the Liquid Systems facilities, including our location, specialized equipment and parts inventory.


Liquid Systems facilities are located in Sandy Bay on the main road, West of Coral Stone and Las Gemelas/MiniSuper Golden Star in a brand-new industrial-style building.  You can’t miss it! Parking in front, big bay door to drive-and-drop.


Marine and Industrial businesses: Liquid Systems is ready and able to receive your equipment.  Why send it to the mainland when we’re just down the road?

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Liquid Systems Facilities

We are tooled up to deal with your rotating equipment!   Unlike other local services, we have the right specialised equipment and we know how to use it to best help you.  Each tool has a purpose, and we know how to get the most out of them!  Here is a list of some of our facilities:

  • 20-ton bearing press
  • Blasting cabinet
  • 1+ ton lifting capability
  • 80 Gal compressor & assorted air tools
  • Oxygen/acetylene
  • Miller welder/generator 3-phase
  • Drill Press
  • Sandblasting
  • Parts washer & solvent
  • Vatting & wash-down
  • Assorted taps & dies (metric and standard)
  • 10 ton straight jaw puller, slider hammer puller
  • Electrical testing
  • 110v, 220v, 3-phase testing
  • And more – always improving Liquid Systems facilities

multi purpose bench drill press parts washer bearing presswelding suppliesblasting cabinetchain hoist


Liquid Systems Parts Inventory

At Liquid Systems we are always expanding our inventory to meet your needs.  Equipment needs are diverse, and we will take your inventory of equipment into account when we’re re-stocking.

  • Key stock – all sizes (metric and standard)
  • Mechanical seals: US Seal, Flexaseal, CentriPro, OEM…
  • Capacitors: start, run, various sizes and shapes
  • Bearings: 6200 series, 6300 series, various other
  • Oil and lip seals – various
  • Threaded Rod – various sizes (metric and standard)
  • Assorted bolts, nuts, washers, machine screws, retaining rings
  • Shimming material, gasket material
  • O-rings and o-ring kits (metric and standard, various sizes)
  • Pressure gauges, pressure switches
  • Goulds and Franklin Electric pump parts: impellers, diffusers…
  • Copper tubing, plugs, compression fittings
  • Contact us to find out what else we have in stock for you

misc suppliesthreaded rod and pvc machine screw sets, o-rings and more key stock and shimming material pump parts mechanical seals and bearings

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